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I am not sure if it is an interesting coincidence or the ambiguity of the word “spring” was actually inspired by Mother Nature’s spirit in this time of the year. It is this one time of the year, after a long while of just white and grey and cold blue shade, everything is covered in […]


The Campus Gate

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view from big lecture hall of our university

I always used to have a gate when I went to any kind of schools and university. Schools just somehow always needed to be gated from my point of view back in the day. I have never questioned its existence, but always consider it as an essential part of our school years. To describe the […]


The luggage I brought to Germany

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It's easy to highlight differences, but let us consider the similarity between the people, culturally and humanly. It's evident to discriminate, but let us find out the resemblance between two nations, respectfully and diplomatically.

… has littlest things but considerable cultural experiences. Because this time I know, I will go far. The only way to go far is to carry things that are most essential: some clothes, some pairs of shoes, one kindle with all books on the shelf but in digital files, passport, and the home culture I […]

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