A walk through a Summer day in Passau

09/08/2021 - 16:18 - 0 Comments by | pakistan flag

During one of my English lectures, I read a sentence that still gropes me with its implicit meaning behind it. It talked about the spirit of a city. I didn’t understand the sentence till summer arrived in Passau. When summers arrived, the entire city began to blossom. The soulful buildings resonated with the colourful flowers […]


What pace are you made of?

14/06/2021 - 07:45 - 0 Comments by | pakistan flag

In this strenuous pace of life, I realized I missed writing. So here I am today, with a new picture in my mind while I absorb the morning glory from my balcony. I spent a March weekend in Munich. It only took me a day to absorb the city. I had not even explored the […]


Resilient Women

29/04/2021 - 14:39 - 0 Comments by | pakistan flag

Sitting on my desk, realising the essence of my studies, I realised how even the content of the language classes I am taking are connected to humans, in so many ways. Reading a few essays my teacher gave us brought in new enlightenment. The previous semester, I enrolled in a C2 level English class and […]

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