Moment 5: mental self-care

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Living abroad – a new language, another culture, a different world to learn, to adapt, to blend in. You thought it would be just exciting and fun, and you have been almost always so good at things when you were home. You have confidence, you have ambition, and you have some faith in yourself to be fine […]


Recipe for the Autumn: salad carrot flavoured with orange

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—– Englisch —– Hi there! Autumn is coming and the day is getting slowly shorter. An energizer is in urgent need! This food I want to present here is easy to prepare, easy to satisfy your brain, mind, and stomach, and easy to store. It just lasts and simmers without extra attention! All ingredients are […]


Managing Positivity

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Hallo Menschen, First I would like to say ‘thank you’ to commentators for the positive feedback in my last post. 🙂 In this post, I want to share something about making positiveness as an expatriate in a foreign land. Before I go there, I want to highlight the increasing global mobility that involves immigrants and […]

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