Glühwein…Ich vermisse dich

03/01/2011 - 11:42 - 0 Comments by | united_states_of_america flag

It has been a long while since my last blog. Ahh the stresses of college…but finals week is over and the lovely weather has brought my memories of German Winter flooding back 🙂 I have been lucky enough to have traveled to Germany most often during some international holiday or season (winter, new years, easter, […]


When life gives you lemons & you don’t want lemonade

29/10/2010 - 09:44 - 3 Comments by | united_states_of_america flag

As senior year is in full swing I have started to reflect on all the choices I have made that have helped/hindered where I am today. Usually my blogs are very German-based but I believe this one is a bit more insightful pertaining to choosing a career path and making sure that even though life […]


Squeezing in the German…

20/10/2010 - 09:06 - 3 Comments by | united_states_of_america flag

This blog is dedicated to all the students who have a Humanities STEM majors and must find time to pursue their non-STEM interest in college. *STEM=science, technology, engineering, and math. As a senior in chemical engineer my work load is jam packed… add that I am the president of an organization and all my free […]

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