“Are you as educated as you are intelligent?”

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I have never expected reading about what’s happening in Afghanistan would get me that emotional. Well, actually, it only happens when I first started with political science in the course of European Studies in Germany, almost a year ago.

Politically involved is not yet a phrase I would use to describe myself. Or in other words, I’m not yet politically active. I start making thoughts on political events nowadays, and also on those in the past. I have been trying to analyze situations, through a political perspective. From then on, it feels like I’m involved.

Earlier, I would never be bothered to spend a single thought on political situation in my own country, on US election, not to mention about the far-away Middle East. I would be fine with the simplest answers regarding simple religious aspect like the radical religious troops, the religious way of dressing or the religion itself. It’s just simply all about culture. Now, I find out that no world religion encourages malevolent deeds. It’s the political dynamic that does.

Moreover, when it comes to politics, there would never be a simple right or wrong answer. The world, turns out is way more complicated than my naïve worldview back in the day. And this fact, at the same time, is frustrating and confusing and hard to except.

However, I am now educated enough to be able to except the learning process and the open life-questions. I am able to look at things in a more realistic  and more complicated way. And I am able not to be satisfied with simple answers – as I had been for over 20 years of my life.

Just as hard as it is for me to get to this point, I’m glad for my study and my learning journey. More than ever, I understand the question of Dr. J. Peterson: “are you as educated as you are intelligent?”. I don’t have a simple answer for this one. Yet, I would say the kind of education I am chasing, also the one that gives me the gut to leave my comfort thinking zone, is the one that makes me realize: the more I am educated, the more arrogant I realize I used to be, and most importantly, the more I realize it can be improved.

That is the kind of intelligence Germany is offering me. So, are you as educated as you are intelligent?


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