Corona – Deal with Strength and Positivity

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I had been to Aachen for my Examination at the University on end of February this year. At that time, the first Corona case was identified over there. And now we are already seeing how this Virus is impacting the whole world in various terms like economy, day to day life, studies, work and especially the human population. Hence, I thought of writing a few words related to this context of “Corona” in this Blog, may be a few topics like

  • How am I experiencing this situation?
  • How this situation is impacting my daily life, in the aspects of work and studies?
  • What I am doing to deal with this situation?
  • A few suggestions from my side to the students regarding how to cope up with this situation

Right now, I am in Germany, precisely in Regensburg as I am working as an Intern in a company named Krones AG. As we know that the situation is getting worse day by day outside and the whole state of Bavaria was under complete lockdown, initially till April 19th. I was doing home office (work from home) from the past few weeks, may be around a month till now. This made my daily life very routine and boring from last one month. Though I have home office and virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams with my colleagues and other people in my department, I really miss being present physically in office and speaking and greeting everyone in person.

Doing home office

Being also a Student, I have few subjects to do in this semester. RWTH Aachen University introduced online classes via Zoom. I already attended a few lectures through this online platform and now slowly getting used to them. The University is supporting and reacting to the current situation in a great way both considering safety of students on one hand and also their education on other hand. Though it was not so easier going completely digital and organizing all the lectures virtually, RWTH has been continuously working in implementing digital classrooms to all the students. This also went successful and at present all the courses are being started digitally and also the students are actively involving with their studies being safe.

Study time 🙂 feeling sleepy

As said, that “Difficult times makes us stronger”, everyone of us must strive to think positive in each and every critical situation. Living far away from home country and family, only being positive gives us strength to deal with this situation. I would greatly suggest trying some new and interesting things when you feel really bored and depressed with this situation. Some of these things which I am doing these days includes:

  • Cooking some new recipes (may be from YouTube as I always do)

    Trying cooking

  • Improving German language skills (reading some magazines such as Deutsch Perfekt and watching news in German with English subtitles such as DW)

    Improving German

  • Organizing your room lively and colorful (may be with some plants, Paper works or a board with your favorite quotes)

    Being Creative 🙂

    Doing something interesting when bored

  • Doing some online courses that you are planning to do from many days but not finding time
  • Also listening to some podcasts (DW Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten are good to try for German learners)
  • May be a small walk in the garden for few minutes

Everyone has their own interests and passion. They can utilize this time to focus more on their interests rather than thinking about the situation outside. Also, I would recommend following the news not so regularly. Getting to know about the news is ok but watching and thinking about it the whole day is not so good.

I really hope you can find some interesting stuff out of this Article and relate to your present situations. Also post some other suggestions if you have about dealing with this situation.

Stay home and healthy 🙂

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