Graduation Thoughts – A Q&A Session

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I recently completed the last exam of my master’s program and very soon I will graduate. I am very happy that throughout the three years of my study abroad journey I kept a blog and recorded my daily life in it’s most authentic form. To end my blog, I thought I will answer a series of questions that sum up the three years I experienced as a master’s student in Germany.😊

📝① Why did you decide to study abroad?

Up until now, I’ve always been the person who regrets nothing, but if I had missed the opportunity to study abroad, it would be the one thing I regretted. To me, studying abroad was the kind of thing that only happened once in your life at a certain age, and once it’s missed, it’s gone. You could travel now and then, but it would never feel the same as studying abroad and so it was personally very important to me that I experience it.


📝② Why Germany?

It could have been any country but it so happened to be Germany because my younger brother was already studying here.

📝③ What was your best semester?

My best semester was my third and fourth semester.

My third because I was experiencing things I had never before. In the process, I grew a lot and learnt a lot about others and myself. It was a very different semester and a very testing one too and I survived. My fourth because I was getting to know new people and new situations. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and showing up at social gatherings I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable and confident at. And through this process, I collected a lot of beautiful memories and learnt to push the boundaries of my comfort zone once in a while because it always brings nice surprises.


📝④ What was your worst semester?

My worst semester would probably be the sixth semester (the last semester), also popularly known as the corona-semester. It was the most mentally challenging semester as my mental health doesn’t cope very well in an isolated and quarantined environment, so I was constantly depressed and at one point actually thought I was going crazy.

It was also the most difficult semester emotionally and practically because being the final semester I found myself suddenly bombarded with a lot of unexpected questions, expectations and demands that to me were completely out of the blue and hurtful. Dealing with these problems and the whole quarantine situation made it the worst semester for me, unfortunately.


📝⑤ Do you regret setting foot on this journey?


It wasn’t always a smooth, happy journey especially in my first semester when I had left everything familiar to me, good friends; a familiar environment; the bustling life of a metropolis; a high paying part time job. I was a bit upset and I questioned myself on this decision. Was it really worth it? To leave a comfortable life to grow? It was.

What I learnt, what I saw, how I grew made it worth it. It was more than I could ever imagine and I am a 110% sure none of this I could learn at home. Then how could you regret a journey like this?

Yes, sometimes I feel sad about the things I’ve lost through the process but I can only hope I find them again in life where I left them.


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