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It has been 5 weeks since I have been staying at home on self-isolation.

I have missed 5 weeks of spring, ±15 cups of coffee-to-go, fisrt barbeque in the open air, spring sales, and cherry blossom in Bonn.

Ridiculous, is not it?  It is ridiculous to think about sales and cherry blossom, when there is a global crisis out there. The thing is that I am a person, who did not appreciate “normality” of simple things. I used to take for granted the opportunity to hug my parents, to drink a beer in a bar, to feel the smell of blooming magnolias, and to eat pastry at one of the many German cafes. Basically, all the things that we now consider as a luxury.

But the life has not stopped: it goes on. I am grateful, that I am able to continue working remotely (as a working student), that I am able to continue my studies in uni (my uni has provided us the opportunity to study online via interactive platform), that I still can call my parents whenever I want, and that I even can practice yoga via Skype.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I do believe that we should not grieve about why this happened to us; we should rather seek for what we can learn from this. Here are the things that have become my “routine during quarantine”:

  • I have started enjoying morning coffee and breakfast.
  • I have started reading more books.
  • I have started working on my Master Thesis (finally!).
  • I have started doing regular online yoga sessions (trying to fight against my lazyness).
  • I have started observing birds (and sometime even squirrels) from the window.  I found a nest right out of my bedroom` window (check the picture>>>)
  • I have found out that I can be more productive and creative while working from home.
  • I watched Nutcracker ballet in Bolshoi Theater online (future is here!).



Actually, it is good to be an optimist during this hard times. I am dreaming about future trips (Greece? France? Italy?) and visits to Russia. I imagine how I will go and buy another summer dress in H&M. I see myself enjoying a glass of wine at a summer terrace. I see my life continue seething.

Stay positive♥ The Life goes on.



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