Questions are complicated……….Are the Answers going to be simple ???

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In my first blog, I would like to give a short Introduction about my first and foremost day in Germany. Time passes so fast and I will be done with 3 Semesters by this March. Now, when I look back and think of my initial days in Germany with lot of doubts and confusion, I really feel that those Situations made me stronger and more thoughtful. Leaving home country for the first time was not so easy for me. I used to be so dependent on my family and they always see me as a little girl, who is not so matured and capable of taking big decisions. Coming to Germany was one of the very big decisions that I took myself. Though my parents initially were not so supportive with my decision, I was so stubborn and they had to finally agree. In the end, the day finally came when I first landed in Germany.

Frankfurt Flughafen

Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnof

I first came to Germany with few friends who got admit from RWTH Aachen University, but from various courses of study. Landed in Frankfurt Airport, everything looked so new to me, as if I came to a different world leaving everything behind. After collecting luggage, I had to take train from Frankfurt to Cologne (ICE) and then another train from Cologne to Aachen (RE).I reached cologne but was left only with 10 minutes to carry luggage and go to another platform, due to which the train was missed. So, I had to wait for 1 hour to take next train. Coming from India, I felt the climate was also very cool, though I came in September.

Cologne Hauptbahnof

Cologne Haupfbahnof

RE9 Train to Aachen

Then, I took a train in Cologne. I had many questions in my mind during that Train journey:

  • How is the life going to be?
  • Will I able to manage everything alone?
  • What If I badly miss my home and Parents?
  • Will I be able to cope up with the new culture and people?
  • How will my studies go? (As the Education system is completely different in Germany compared to India)………………….. And so, on

After so many questions in that one-hour journey, a final question came to my mind: “Is my decision coming to Germany for studying Master’s right?”At that point of time, I knew that I can’t do anything with these questions except getting adjusted to new atmosphere and moving with time. But my mind didn’t come out of those questions in that 1-hour train journey. That was the remarkable train journey of my whole life. Even now, when I travel between Cologne and Aachen, my mind automatically goes to that first day.

Think and think and think………

Trying to find Answers…….







Finally, I reached Aachen with the motto of “Let’s move with time and see how life goes”

Aachen Haupfbahnof

In my next Blog, I would like to share some incidents that I came across in Aachen during my Initial days and how I got to know a lot of people, who then became good friends to me.

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    Yes, all the questions you have are common to me too. Is it right to come to germany? (After landing here) . Life changes the way we see, everything is in our hands, the freedom we expect is not easy to handle

    Comment by Sai created 11/02/2020 - 09:26


      I completely agree to your point that life changes the way we look into it. It changed for me too in many aspects 🙂 (may be you can understand in my further blogs)

      Best Regards

      Comment by Sreehitha Veeramreddygari created 14/02/2020 - 10:59

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