STUDIES IN GERMANY? How much time for preparation!

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STUDIES IN GERMANY???  : How Much Time for Preparation!!!

So just like me you would like to further your studies or maybe begin your university studies in GERMANY? “The Land of Ideas”. I will share with you my journey and every step I take until I get through the visa interview. Stay tuned, read till the end and stay awake for the next post.

First things first, the language! Du muss Deutsch lernen 😉

To the best of my knowledge, studies at the bachelor level in Germany are in German. But, at the masters level there are some English taught masters programs some universities offer. None the less you still need to learn the German language for your day to day life in Germany if you are going for an English taught program.  The German embassy recommends at least a B1 level. (Check with the German embassy in your country of residency).

I have been learning German since September 2018 at the GEOTHE – INSTITUT Yaounde in CAMEROON and obtained the GEOTHE ZERTIFIKAT B1 in May 2019. This took me 9 months, which is close to a year. I must say that the German language is such a beautiful language, but also not easy to master. I had never heard someone speak German to me until September 2018 in my first ever language class where not only I was late but had to present myself in German. I could not but just had to repeat the words after the teacher. This is just to make you know that as you begin learning the language, it won’t be easy but also not impossible 😉

Next then comes “the school hunt”.

Depending on how good you are and your previous grades, they determine how quick you get an admission. Mind you I got so many rejection letters from many universities. Yes I cried, but we are not giving up but keep the applications going.

But still your first school choice might give you an admission. Between admission applications and getting the school make a decision, we should count at least 2 – 4 months.

After you get an admission, next is the visa application process.

This is the most crucial part of the study in Germany process, and is the hardest for me.

  • Stay connected for my subsequent posts so you know exactly what this has been for me! 🙁

Summary: From starting language classes to having an admission, this takes about 1 year and a half.

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