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There are dreams that cocoons you in one of those hushed dispositions. Quite often, we humans submerge ourselves in one of those dreams. Unconsciously, of course! I am one of those beings. As broad as my dreams were and as high as the mountains were, I chose to scramble myself along the path. A little of me here and a larger piece of me there. Among these far-fetched dreams, I wanted to journey this tremendous globe. Not just the journey you make when you use the word travel but rather the journey of life itself. Like an expedition.

The news of studying in Germany was like an open door for me. To escape, for that yearning of the journey. The thrill unfolded itself in me back in November 2019. Since then, I began to count months. Almost a year later, in October 2020, I stepped foot in Munich, Germany – feeling both lost and a little found in those reams of everything German.

Four hours later, I struggled my way to reach Passau and then my room. The first day was naturally a mess. The day was passing by, I had no food and I knew no locations to find food. By the middle of the day, I had found two of the most beautiful girls in my building who helped me with nearly everything. Although, they had moved to the building on the same day. Their welcoming nature made me feel at home, already.

I came during the time of the pandemic. What a challenge it presented to me! Those dreams that you carry would have to wait, I said to myself. It’s been five months here and we are still in sheer lockdown. The first month was like an uphill battle, trying to attend to all duties. It was overwhelming for me – to be on my own.

With the stride of time, I began making friends. First the two of them, and then gradually the entire building. You realise that you’re not alone after all. In all the struggle, someone is struggling the same as you. And that is what connects us.

Even though I have not yet had the chance to explore the other parts of Germany for which I was eager, it was enough to realise that my journey of life is somewhere in between loving these beautiful humans I call my family now.

Every now and then, when I finish attending to my errands outside, I smile a little as I repeat to myself “I’m going home now”. What makes a home is not the walls but rather the people it holds.

To the journey of life, we succumb!

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