The Sky here

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It’s the sky here. It feels so close to you.

Your day begins with the sun gleaming right on top of you embracing you in a warmth you’ve never felt before while you sit beside the open river. The ducks that swim in the river – you want them to come close so you can mumble a few words of freedom – but they take flight from one edge of the river and land on the other like it is eager to explore. I wonder how that escapism feels: the glorious sky above you and the unexplored river beneath you, both a little blue.

Somewhere in the middle of the day, you take a walk down to the centre of the town. It enthrals you – the architecture, the sheltered streets, the crafts on the Danube river, and of course the welcoming people. You see everyone keeping each other company from the jünger to the älter. The smiles on their faces as you pass by betokens their happiness; their dogs and pups, playful. It’s colourful just around you. My feet do not cease from walking. I keep going, absorbing the aesthetics around me, till evening approaches and it gets a little cold.

Like I explained, it’s the sky that’s relevant here. It’s that time of the day when the moon is like a silver oyster above you. It’s only a few feet away. It seems like you can grab it with the length of your arm – just a big jump and you’re there. However, the stars around them amiss. But what are you going to do with the stars when you have the entire moon to yourself!

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