Winter Semester 19/20

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It’s the winter semester again.🍂 ❄️

Something about the last semester makes a person exceptionally focused and goal oriented – what was once a fuzzy and unclear path is now a straight path with a very clear end. The good thing about that is you know what you want to achieve and you block off everything that doesn’t help you get there.


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First day of school was packed with freshmen students who looked so excited and clueless too. They have so much energy, anticipation and expectation, and you know exactly what’s going through their minds as the senior students show them around campus, because you were once them. As a final year student, I can only wish them strength and lots of good luck.

Something is so strange about the weather this year. It has gotten cold so early on in Offenburg – this time last year I was still comfortably dressed in a T-shirt and a thin jacket – this time this year I am freezing in a thick sweater. Whereas, back home in China what should already be a cold Autumn is still a 30°C Summer…

There’s not much I want to reveal in this back-to-school blog. I just hope everyone had an amazing summer break🏝.  I had the best one🧡 and it has given me all the strength I need to hit that final finishing line.

Let’s do this, Senior Year babes! 🏁 🏁 🏁Rumeng_StudyInGermanyBlog_WinterSemester1920

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