Studying the German Language in Germany

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Why learn German?

If you are an English speaker, it’s been proven that German is quite easy to acquire. Although learning German seems like a very difficult task, it’s actually the case that english speakers are at an advantage. This is because the two languages share the same Germanic root. Some German words are very similar to English words, for example, the word chin in English is kinn in German, water is wasser and father is vater – so not so different at all really.

Germany is an important contender and partner in the world of politics and the economy. Learning the German language can help to position yourself in the professional world and in large global companies. German employers are known to be great and are often impressed by dual-lingual english and german speakers.

Students who choose to study German at university have the ability to take a language course and semester in Germany, which can open up lots of opportunities like employment, exposure to a different culture and can be a huge learning opportunity.

Living away from home:

Living away from home in a foreign country really sets you up for life. It allows you to discover your own independence and helps you to meet new and interesting people. You will find that a lot of students in Germany also have the ability to speak English, so it’s really easy to communicate and this can even help you to assimilate and to learn German much quicker. The only way you can truly learn a language is to practice it regularly and to put yourself in the environment that will best allow you to thrive. In this case, there is no better place to study German than in Germany. Studies have revealed that students from Britain, or who hold a UK Visa, find the experience and learning opportunity much more enriching than anybody else who studies in Germany.

In order to do so, it’s necessary to have a basic understanding of the language, so that you are not going in blind and so that you are in a better position to learn even more. It’s important to be able to understand the literature and the lectures that you will attend, and being an international student will help you to appreciate all of your experiences whilst spending time in Germany.

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