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When someone asks me about my new life in Germany, I miss the words to convey my thoughts and I have to think twice before answering because my new lifestyle is so common to me that I get the feeling it has always been there.

Some habits I have changed since I live in Germany are:

  • Coming Vegetarian. The awareness about the ethical treatment of animals is widespread in this country. It is quite easy to meet vegetarians and vegans here. Information is more open, one can easily find documentaries on TV and articles in the newspapers about the cruelty involved in breeding farms and the harm of antibiotics and hormones to the human health. Moreover, despite Germany is better known by its wide variety of bratwurst and deli meat, it happens that one can find a large assortment of veggie and vegan dishes in every supermarket. There are even different brands offering a variety of meat substitutes such as vegan meat burger, vegan ham, vegan salami, and vegan fish salad. I also have reduced significantly my consumption of milk and have substituted it with rise milk.
  • Banning soda. In Mexico is quite normal to drink a soft drink with every meal. In Germany, this practice is no common at all. Since industrialized drinks are nothing else but sugar and chemicals,  I decided to adopt this habit by banning any kind of soda or soft drink. I am drinking only mineral water, still water, beer and wine, and in some occasions, a “Schorle”, which is a combination of juice with mineral water.
  • Biking instead of driving. I move everywhere in Offenburg  by bike. It was particularly curious when I attended my graduation ceremony or arrived to the night club by bike. In every German town, streets will usually have a confined lane for bikes, and conductors will normally respect bikers. Not to mention, it is free, healthy and fun. Well, it is not so fun when I feel very lazy or when it’s raining or snowing, then I can get to miss my car, though.
  • Leaving High Heels in the closet. I got with me two pairs of high heels from home, they have been laying in my closet ever since. In Germany is common to wear comfortable shoes even at work or at a night club. I used to like wearing a nice pair of heels, now I can’t bear them more than a few steps.
  • Use of Social Networks. In my homeland, I barely used to use any social network. Since I live here, I check my Facebook, my mail, and Skype accounts every single day. The social network keeps me informed about what’s happening in the world and it’s my window to the world. The tool to communicate not only with my family and friends in Mexico, also with my friends spread all over Germany.
  • Outdoor training. As I wrote in a previous blog, Germany is perfect for training outdoors. There are big green areas in the countryside and beautiful, large parks in the cities. One can find in the mountains paths to hike, bike or simply to take a walk.

In conclusion, it’s save to say that I have acquired healthier habits and as a result, increased my quality of life.


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