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This blog is dedicated to all the students who have a Humanities STEM majors and must find time to pursue their non-STEM interest in college. *STEM=science, technology, engineering, and math.

As a senior in chemical engineer my work load is jam packed… add that I am the president of an organization and all my free time goes right out the window. Every college student really must learn the basics of time management to be successful and finding ways to fill in all your side interest is very difficult.

Why am I talking about time management for a DAAD blog?? Besides being an engineer, I really want to pursue my interest in German. Surprisingly adding German to an engineering workload is harder than I thought. Because it’s hard to take all the German courses I need to pursue a language minor without burning out from excessive credit hours, I have chosen to keep up on my German on my own. Below are some great tips to keep up with your German!

Keeping the Deutsch:

I have had a pen pal to help me with my German since high school. My first pen pal was actually French, and if you check my earlier posts I met up with him during my internship. Pen pals or “writing friends” are great ways to learn the culture and find out a typical day in the life. Currently I have a great pen pal from Germany. We write emails to each other…half in English and half in German. We also correct each other at the end of our emails. Being in school is sometimes hard to keep up with each other, but just being able to read “conversational German” is a great way to stay current with my German.
Here is a link to a website I used:

Books on Tape “Hörbücher”:
I have not been able to make use of this tip yet, but a lot of my friends suggest I do this so that I work on my pronunciation of German words and grammar.  This weekend I plan on hitting up the library and definitely taking advantage of this tip.
Read this useful article on the subject:

German Homepage:
Make your online homepage a German website! This is extremely helpful for me…I am automatically reading German everyday AND I am learning about current events from another countries view points. If becoming a global person is something you strive for then definitely check this link out:
Duetche Welle not only keeps you informed on current events, it also helps you learn German with fun links all over the website!

Fellow Students Learning German:
This was a more helpful tip for me when I was in German courses on campus…but it is helpful to me now because I know old classmates who I can have lunch with and practice German with. One thing I miss the most about being in Germany is being surrounded by the language and being forced to use it. Now that I am in the states I have to really search for German conversation.

Germans on Campus:
Do you attend a uni? Well go to the foreign office or even the study abroad office..tell them what you want…Germans. It sounds a little creepy right? Its not, a German master student at my uni was actually recommended to me by my dean and I was able to get very useful info about living in Germany and searching for future colleges to attend in Germany. He was very helpful and very nice. He was flattered that I was so interested in his culture and country. He was also very happy to be able to speak his language after long classes in english.

Well that’s all for now…future posts to come 🙂

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    i want to do my master in chemical engineering. please do guide me.

    Comment by raheel khan created 17/08/2011 - 08:32

      Dear Raheel,
      nice that you consider Germany as a study destionation. Please check our database for international programmes which found 22 results you might like: In the detailed description of each programme you can see, what’s required and when and where to apply. Also check our website: for more information about life and study in Germany.
      Best from Bonn,
      Your DAADblog-team

      Comment by Redaktion created 25/08/2011 - 08:25

    Hello, I would like to have detailed information about master study in English in Germany. I need a proper guidance

    Comment by Sabina created 24/06/2012 - 18:07

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