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Fact Sheet

Name: Andy H.M. Li
Country of origin: Taiwan
Year of birth: 1990
Field of Study: Cognitive Science
German university: University of Potsdam
University location: Potsdam
This is my aim in Germany: Master
I wrote for the blog in May 2017
My hobbies and interests: Climbing, Jazz & Classical music, Cooking, Travel

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Hi there. This is Andy Li from Taiwan. I am master student of cognitive science at University of Potsdam. My research interests are the cognitive mechanisms of human-object interaction and human cognitive processing in virtual reality. Although my current major is psychology, I studied philosophy, linguistics and medical science at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. I was also in the group of philosophy of consciousness at Taipei Medical University. I dreamt to be a clinical psychologist, a neurologist, a cognitive linguist or a neuroscientist in the past. That’s why I choose to study in Germany. There is EU scale The Human Brain Project, and Germany is the heart of Europe. So many opportunities for me to explore my answer for future careers here. I’m still in search of the definition and color of myself. But I believe I will figure it out, with my dear classmates and friends holding the same question!

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