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Fact Sheet

Name: Chun-Hung HuChun-Hung HU_online
Country of origin: Taiwan
Year of birth: 1996
Field of Study: German language and Law
German university: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and University of Tübingen
University location: Munich and Tübingen
This is my aim in Germany: Summer School and Bachelor
I wrote for the blog from August 2016 to
November 2017
My hobbies and interests: classical music, travelling, cooking, Chinese calligraphy

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My name is Chun-Hung Hu. I come from Taiwan and I am a student of law at the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. During the summer of 2016, I took a German language course for one month at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Now, I study at Universität Tübingen as an exchange student in winter semester 2017/18 and summer semester 2018. As a law student, I would like to understand the legal system in Germany and compare it with Taiwan’s laws. Also, I have great interest at the German history and politics, especially how it became one of the most powerful countries after World War II. The reconstruction and development of Germany over the past few decades are drawing me indeed.

I will blog about my study at Universität Tübingen as well as some of my interesting experience. Hope my blog provides you some useful information and triggers your interest to study in Germany for a while.


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