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Fact Sheet

Name: Elim Wilsen Taruk
Country of origin: Indonesia
Year of birth: 1988
Field of Study: Intercultural Theology
German university: University of Göttingen / FH Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg
University location: Göttingen and Hermannsburg
This is my aim in Germany: Master
I wrote for the blog from October 2015 to January 2016
My hobbies and interests: Reading, writing, travelling, singing, listening Music

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Karte GoettingenMy name is Elim Wilsen Taruk. I am an Indonesian and I am studying Intercultural Theology at Goettingen University, in cooperation with the Fachhochschule fuer Interkulturelle Theologie in Hermannsburg (sponsored by Ev.- Luth. Missionwerk (ELM) in Niedersachen)). I am doing my master degree, and this is my second year of study. I actually live in Hermannsburg (student residence), but soon will be moving to Hannover. I am focusing my research on analyzing the encounter of religion and culture in my home country, Indonesia, but I am also interested to women issues (I had done my research on analyzing the spirituality of women migrant workers in Hong Kong, 2013). As an Intercultural student, I do care to pluralism issues as well, and therefore, I would really love to be engaged with people around the world, to be an agent of peace by bridging people in diversity to come together for a better life, for a better world.

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