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Fact Sheet

Name: Holly McCamant
Country of origin: United States
Year of birth: 1998
Field of Study: European Cultures and Society
Location: Flensburg
This is my aim in Germany: Bachelor
I have been writing the blog since February 2018
My hobbies and interests: TWriting excessive amounts, traveling, politics, and anything involving immigration and integration

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Moin moin/Hej!! After spending a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Southern Denmark, I decided to evade the nightmarish American tuition fees and applied to university in the very north of Germany. Much to my parents’ horror, I knew that I always wanted to study in Europe, and I found a program that combined social sciences and journalism. My plan succeeded, and now I am happily studying in a beautiful harbor city that is as Danish as Germany can get – but don’t fret, my experience is still thoroughly German. I am working towards becoming a journalist, and do not have any plans to start my career anywhere but in Europe. I’ve been writing for a long time, but if you like reading the stories of people, my blog Voices of Flensburg can be found at If you want to read about my experiences and perspectives in Germany, you’re already here.

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