Ivan Stoyanov

Fact Sheet

Name: Ivan Stoyanov
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Year of birth: 1999
Field of study: Informatics
German university: KIT
University location: Karlsruhe
This is my aim in Germany: Bachelor
I performed for the vlog in: Winter Semester 19/20
My hobbies and interests: playing piano, fencing, hiking, travelling

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My name is Ivan, I’m 20 years old and I’ve already been living in Karlsruhe, Germany for about one year. I originally come from the Bulgarian seaside, but I left my beautiful home town after highschool to try and pursue my software engineering career in Germany. Or at least maybe get a great education, since the university in Karlsruhe (KIT) has always been on the top of every list.
Unlike other foreign students, I actually decided to do my whole bachelor here, and not just one exchange semester. The struggle was real. It took me a lot of time to get used to a completely new environment, but now I would say Karlsruhe genuinely feels like home.
I am sure the experience I gained during my time here is very important for every new student to know and I am happy to share the tips and tricks I learned to survive – so stay tuned!

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