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Fact Sheet

Name: Omar Alzayed
Country of origin: Syria
Year of birth: 1997
Field of Study: IT Engineering
German university: Leibniz Universität Hannover
University location: Hannover
This is my aim in Germany: Bachelor
I wrote for the blog in December 2016

My hobbies and interests: Swimming, reading novels and playing cards!

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study-in-blog-karte-hannoverI am a 19-year-old Syrian who is living currently in Germany. Although I have started studying IT engineering for the winter semester of 2016/2017, I am really hoping that I can manage to study Medicine here in Germany. Therefore, I will be doing all the essential things in order to increase my chances of studying Medicine in a German University. I have been in Germany since March 2016. I have started learning German language in Syria in October of 2015. I managed to pass the DSH (an official German test which allows you to start your studies in a German university). So I would be helping you in the fields I know and answering all your questions, giving you the best answers I know.

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