Shu Yuan Huang

Fact Sheet

Name: Shu Yuan (Joseph) Huang
Country of origin: Taiwan
Year of birth: 1998
Field of study: Business Management
German university: DHBW Karlsruhe
University location: Karlsruhe
This is my aim in Germany: Exchange Semester, find an internship, B1 German
I performed for the vlog in Winter Semester 19/20
My hobbies and interests: Photography, water sports, traveling

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Hello! My name is Shu Yuan (Joseph), 21, and I come from Taiwan. I came to Karlsruhe, Germany as an exchange student. Within the precious 6 months of my stay, I plan to travel all around Europe, increase my German level, create new connections and experience the life of a German student. I love the the city and I’m excited to show you my life through my Vlogs. I believe this would be the most beneficial 6 months of my life. So, don’t hesitate. Join my journey!

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