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Fact Sheet

Name: Stamatis Risto
Country of origin: Greece/Albania
Year of birth: 1992
Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering
German university: University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck
University location: Lübeck, Germany
This is my aim in Germany: Master
I performed for the vlog in the Summer 2019
My hobbies and interests: Chess, Dance, Music, Acting, Voice acting, Video gaming and more.

Watch my vlog

My name is Stamatis Risto, I’m 26 years old, born in Greece with an Albanian nationality. Two things have marked and shaped my whole life until present. On the one hand, is Biomedical Engineering which I really love and is also my main focus right now as I’m doing my Master on it. On the other hand, is Acting which I love as much, having played in theater as an amateur for seven years and the last two years professionally on TV and web commercials. I don’t like staying at home, but when I do I love video gaming with my friends.

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