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Name: Verity ParkinVerity Parkin_online
Country of origin: England
Year of birth: 1998
Field of Study: Intensive German language summer course
German university: Freie Universität Berlin
University location: Berlin
This is my aim in Germany: To improve my German language abilities and to explore the vibrant
culture of Berlin.

I wrote for the blog from August 2016 to September 2016
My hobbies and interests: My main hobby is trapeze and I also enjoy sketching. I really love travelling, learning languages, meeting people from all over the world and discovering different

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Karte BerlinI took up studying German quite late on during secondary school, and then have continued with it over the past two years as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience, and I hope by studying an intensive German summer course in Berlin, I’ll be able to put things I learn in the classroom into practice. I am also hoping that by being immersed in the language and culture I will be able to pick up on some of the subtleties of spoken communication that are not taught in lessons, but are key to integrating into everyday life in Germany.
I think being able to communicate in other languages is really important, and I find it so impressive hearing friends switch seamlessly between languages. I know a lot of people who are bilingual or even trilingual, and one day we counted that between us we could speak 14 languages – and I could only speak one of those languages. That’s when I thought things really had to change! Having finished the IB this year, I am now taking a gap year before applying to university. I have some work experience lined up in a few different fields, and I am planning to earn money to pay for evening language courses in German and Mandarin. I’m not sure yet what University courses I will apply for, but I am strongly considering doing a degree which involves languages.

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