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Name: Vikas ShabadiVikas Shabadi
Country of origin: India
Field of Study: Engineering
German university: Darmstadt University of Technology
University location: Darmstadt
This is my aim in Germany: PhD
I wrote for the blog from April 2011 to November 2011

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Karte DarmstadtHi, my name is Vikas Shabadi and I’m 23 years old.I’m currently pursuing a fast-track Ph.D. program at the Advanced Thin Film Technology (ATFT) division of the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD). I graduated as a Bachelor of Technology (2010) in Materials Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK – Surathkal) in India.

My association with Germany has been very special and highly rewarding. During my Bachelors, I worked as a visiting student at the TU Darmstadt since 2008. In 2009, I received the DAAD WISE fellowship to continue my research and this was certainly one of my best summers so far. In 2010 I was nominated by the DAAD-India to an honorary position as a DAAD Young Ambassador. As a part of this initiative, I worked to promote German education and research among Indian students.

This prior association led me to an opportunity to pursue a fast-track Ph.D. program which is a rather specially designed program. The DAAD Ph.D. Fellowship supports my research here in Germany. My research in particular is focused on the design and development of the thin-film based future generation memory devices which are smaller, faster and much more energy efficient.

On the lighter side of life, much need not be said about the rich European culture that we have all heard about and now what better a place than Germany to experience this. Music and travelling are my favorite hobbies. I play the Indian classical instruments – ‘Sitar’ and ‘Tabla’. As for travelling, it can’t get better for a person who loves to explore new cities, diverse cultures, languages and architecture. I have already explored 6 nations in this beautiful continent and yet my thirst for more ‘eurotrips’ isn’t fully quenched!

My professional career interests lie deeply in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Germany, being so well-known for its technical innovations and engineering, has set a perfect play ground for me to work, to think, to learn, to explore, to experiment, to enjoy and to grow. And now, the DAAD Blog gives me a channel to speak-out and share with you all, some of my experiences as I tread this exciting path of time here in Germany. Keep following my wall for all the buzz and stories from the one of its kind – Deutschland!

I personally thank the entire fraternity of the DAAD for all their support.

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