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It is common to hear that when you leave your country, is the moment when you appreciate it the most. All those feelings of nationalism somehow arise. I was no exception to this feeling, and it happened that my awareness and concern about the challenges of my homeland Mexico increased considerably, the moment I left.

I keep myself updated by reading more articles and watching more news in the web than I used to. I didn’t want to be asked by my classmates or professors about some issue from my Nation not be aware of it. After few months in Germany, I felt eager to do something about my country while studying abroad.

I enjoy the study of cultural differences and I am convinced that Germany has many best practices that a country in development can use to speed up the social wealth fare. Therefore, I decided to write my Master Thesis about the cultural differences between Mexico and Germany at work, and how do they affect the effectiveness of teams at work. I read many books and interviewed a lot of Germans and Mexicans working together. The findings were very interesting indeed, and provided deep insights, but I felt the need to do something practical, to go further.

Fortunately, while leading this research, I had the chance to meet another Mexican, a MBA student from the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, who invited me to work voluntary in a non-profitable organization in Germany (Eingetragener Verein) where I was going to have the opportunity of achieving the goal of doing something for my country while studying and living in this European country. The name of this association is “Red de Talentos Mexicanos en el Exterior, Capítulo Alemania (in Spanish), which means;”Network of Mexican Talents Abroad German Chapter”.

MEX- Ger

The main objectives of the organization are bringing Germany and Mexico together, with:

  1. The developing of a network of Mexican professionals and students residing in Germany.
  2. The communication and information transfer between members and their counterparts in Mexico.
  3. The facilitation of project generation and exchange programs in the academic, R&D and business sectors.
  4. The contribution to the insertion of Mexico in the German economy through the contacts of the network’s members.
  5. Promotion in the Europe-wide prestige of Mexico.

In this Network, I use my professional experience and skills to promote projects between Mexico and Germany in the area of Social Responsibility, I am also accountable for the searching of new members in order to increase the network in Germany. All the members collaborate together in projects in the fields of aeronautics, IT, international cooperation, space technologies, social sciences, arts, between others.

Some of the projects that we are currently supporting are; the writing, publication, and promotion of a book about the outstanding Mexican professionals in Germany, promotion of exchange study programs, support, and promotion of research, such as the study of the challenges of Mexican women in Germany.

I would like to invite all the Mexican students in Germany to join this association and aid to bring closer Germany and Mexico.  The link of the organization is

The students from all over the world, are a key part to strengthen international cooperation. The world is getting smaller each day and as ambassadors of our countries is our duty to build bridges and get us closer.

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