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As an university student in Germany, we can buy „Semesterticket“, a semester-long ticket for public transportation in neighboring region with a relatively cheap price. Semestertickets vary from region to region. For example, the Semesterticket in Nordrhein-Westfalen is valid in the whole state, while the Semesterticket in Baden-Württemberg is only valid in the certain public transport network. The huge difference between both state is discussed for a long term. The introduction of statewide Semesterticket is always a hot topic for us [1].

Regardless of this argument, Semesterticket is still a favorable choice for students. But before starting to use the Semesterticket, we should understand few things about it. The following explanation is based on the Semesterticket of Universität Tübingen.

Area of validity

The Semesterticket of Universität Tübingen is valid on all buses and trains in the NALDO public transport network. (See the map [2]) In addition to public transportation in Tübingen, we can go to the department store in Reutlingen, the Outlet in Metzingen or the famous castle „Burg Hohenzollern“ free of charge with this ticket. But unfortunately, if we want to get to Stuttgart, we have to buy an extra ticket, namely „AnschlussTicket“ (Connecting Ticket), „Baden-Württemberg-Ticket“ or „VVS-TagesTicket“ and it costs circa 10 Euro. The Semesterticket is not valid in Express train (IC, ICE, EC).

Valid Period

In winter semester from October to March; In summer semester from April to August.

How to buy the Semesterticket

Tourist Info Center

In order to buy the Semesterticket, we need to present two documents: student ID with valid semester stamp and „Bescheinigung für das Semesterticket“ (certificate of Semesterticket) [3]. Normally, we get our student ID via post in 2 weeks after enrollment. The certificate of Semesterticket is sent together with the data sheet (Leporello) and any other enrollment papers after payment of „Semesterbeitrag“ (Semester fees). If the certificate is not delivered before the beginning of valid period, it can also be downloaded and printed out from Campus-System. Besides, it costs 89,70 € per semester and can be bought at Info center (nearby Neckarbrücke) or Uni Shop (opposite the Neue Aula).

Worth or not

It differ from person to person. Without Semesterticket, students can also take all buses and trains free of charge from 19 o’clock on Monday to Friday as well as all day on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays in Baden-Württemberg, December 24 and 31 [4]. Accordingly, if you live not too far from your Faculty and city center or you are used to riding bike to everywhere, you might not need to buy Semesterticket.






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