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A lot of people I know posted their pictures on Facebook where they went to a party or just stayed at home, spending time with their favorite hobbies. That happened 2 weeks ago and at that time I just finished my basic lab course and was busy writing the protocols. Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who currently studies at college and learned that he is already done with the whole exam things 3 weeks ago. Meanwhile, I only have 1 exam left and there’s like more than 4-5 weeks of lecture free time before the summer semester starts. What would students do at that time? Most of students probably visit their family and friends, do the part time job or study for the repeat exams. And what would I do at that time? Well, I have a lab course and it is inorganic chemistry. Luckily, it just takes 3 weeks out of the whole free time.

Currently, I don’t have any specific plans about what I would do at that free time but an event is already on my mind now. This one I randomly find on Facebook and it is called “POJANGMACHA Korean Street Food Market” that will take place next week. I don’t think that I would miss this event because I never try any Korean foods (except Kimchi) before so this is my big opportunity to try the other one. And trying new kind of food is one of best way to recover yourself after exhausting week, at least in my opinion.

And that’s one of benefits of living in Berlin because everything can happen.

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