the most impressive project on the summer semester 2017

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Hi lovely people, time flies so quickly, the summer semester 2017 has finished. I’d like to introduce you guys the most impressive project on the semester at my university.

I participated a project of typography and layout named “Poster Competition”. This project was designing a poster for Deutscher Kamerapreis as Germnan Camera Award which is an annual award for cameramen/women and cutter in Germany language production for TV, cinema, and other digital media.

In the class, there were around 20 students supposed to make one poster per student. The two best posters will be selected by the organizer of the award and used in the next 2 years for the Kamerapreis as advertisement. The participated students of the project were invited Gara for Deutscher Kamerapreis 2017 which arrows them to watch an annual ceremony in a real TV studio set at WDR in Cologne.

It was the first time for me to visit inside of a TV studio and exciting to see what it is like to make TV program. The action of cameramen/women was very dynamic more than I expected so that I decided to choose the TV studio atmosphere for a motif of the poster.

In terms of graphic design skills, I am good at making a motif by hand like paper crafts. I had wanted to make use of it and I made the motif by paper and laser cutting machine. It was very fun to design the poster and exciting to see my progress during making many draft posters.


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