STUDIES IN GERMANY? How much time for preparation!

17/03/2020 - 10:04 - 0 Comments by | cameroon flag

STUDIES IN GERMANY???  : How Much Time for Preparation!!! So just like me you would like to further your studies or maybe begin your university studies in GERMANY? “The Land of Ideas”. I will share with you my journey and every step I take until I get through the visa interview. Stay tuned, read till […]


European Cultures and Society? Yes, That is My Degree

21/08/2019 - 15:27 - 0 Comments by | united_states_of_america flag

Ever since I have started my university program, I have heard repeated questions about it. What exactly is European Cultures and Society? What can you do with it? Can you actually find a job afterwards? Why would you study about the Europe when you come from the United States? I have been studying bachelor’s degree […]


TBT: The Arrival-Die Ankunft

28/05/2019 - 08:14 - 0 Comments by | venezuela flag

TBT: The Arrival [Tips] Hello @germanizers! Today I will provide you guys many tips regarding the arrival in Germany. Many of you are planning to come to this country soon but don’t know which previsions to have. Therefore I will expose the most common mistakes regarding the ‘Arrival’.   It is well known that most […]

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