Vlog 2019/20 – Episode #2 COOK A GERMAN MEAL

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🎥 VLOG 2019/20 #02 This semester our Vloggers have to face different challenges in each episode – today: COOK A GERMAN MEAL 🇩🇪 🍲 JOSEPH from Taiwan 🇹🇼 and his friends are giving their best to prepare delicious FRIKADELLEN. Will they succeed? Watch and find out! 🙃



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20 minutes from Offenburg by train is a small and beautiful city named Haslach. This city is green from head to toe and is very refreshing that way. Since two of our friends live in Haslach, we were invited over on the weekend for a meal together. Like I keep saying, almost all of my […]


Hello Giessen!

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Giessen and I   My name is Katarina and I am currently attending a summer school in Giessen. I will be learning German language for one month, in September of 2019. Giessen is a small city in the western part of Germany, approximately one hour from Frankfurt. It has two very important universities – JLU […]

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