Vlog 2019/20 – Episode #3 LEARN GERMAN SAYINGS

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🎥 VLOG 2019/20 #03 “I think my pig whistles?” 🐷🐽🌬 WAIT, WHAT??? 🤷‍♂️ Learn Germany sayings this week with IVAN from Bulgaria.🇧🇬 Can you guess what it means? 🤔👉 Try ur luck (watch it with German or English subtitles)!



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20 minutes from Offenburg by train is a small and beautiful city named Haslach. This city is green from head to toe and is very refreshing that way. Since two of our friends live in Haslach, we were invited over on the weekend for a meal together. Like I keep saying, almost all of my […]


Eibsee: hidden beauty of German Alps.

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Usually, Germany is (fairly) associated with thriving economy and high life standards of its residents. At the same time, natural wealth and attractions of Germany remain without due attention (completely undeservedly!). Eibsee is a crystal-clear natural wonder at the foot of Zugspitze (the highest mountain in Germany). Created by the fall of gigantic rock during […]

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