The Sky here

22/02/2021 - 11:45 - 0 Comments by | pakistan flag

It’s the sky here. It feels so close to you. Your day begins with the sun gleaming right on top of you embracing you in a warmth you’ve never felt before while you sit beside the open river. The ducks that swim in the river – you want them to come close so you can […]


Close to my heart there are people

19/02/2021 - 08:45 - 0 Comments by | vietnam flag

Jenny Mi was born and raised in Germany but we become friends at DAAD Hanoi.

If I have to choose one thing that I am most grateful for in my whole journey of learning German, it will always be the people I got to know. Some left good memories, some are still around me, and for sure, some are coming along the way! In the middle of the pandemic, there […]


From Morris dance to studying in Germany

01/02/2021 - 14:40 - 0 Comments by Tavier Fairburn | united_kingdom flag

Throughout my time in Germany, both on my study year abroad in 2017-18 and since returning to study for my masters about 18 months ago, I have frequently been asked the same question, ‘Where do you come from?’. Upon my answer of the UK, the second question usually follows, ‘If you come from the UK, […]

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