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Time for the gushy touristy ‘I love Germany and Bamberg is so pretty and everything is so lovely’ post.

Bamberg is beautiful. It has been referenced as far back as 902 and escaped almost unscathed during the two world wars – meaning much of the medieval German architecture is still intact (as are the tiny cobbled streets barely wide enough for a car – the city centre is not a great place to be driving!). The city is built on seven hills and two rivers, and the meandering network of waterways forms the focal point of the city. The town hall is actually build on a bridge!

Bamberg is also famous for it’s beer – the city has 9 traditional old breweries and a tenth built in 2004, and plenty of beer gardens, including a particularly atmospheric one opposite where I’m staying.

Anyway, at this point I’ve done enough writing and I’m going to show you some pictures instead! Excuse the quality of some of these, especially the ones taken on my phone – and my general lack of photographic skills!

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    I would be honored if you could use my Video ‘Alte Pflaster’ in your Blog. It is just a little homage to my hometown Bamberg. Thank you very much and great job on promoting our beautiful little town!

    Comment by Udo Shonk created 05/10/2013 - 16:58

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