Aachen and “Three-Country Point”

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"Three-Country Point" or "Dreiländerpunkt"

“Three-Country Point” or “Dreiländerpunkt”

It is more than 2 years that I am living in Aachen as a student.  Geographically, Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. The position of Aachen in the middle of Europe is a great place to live for those who like to travel and find interesting places to visit. One of these places is the “Three-Country Point” or “Dreiländerpunkt (In German)” which is a well-known tourist attraction and known as one of the famous Triple point areas all over the world. The point that border of Germany-Belgium-Netherlands comes together.

"Germany - Netherlands Border"

“Germany – Netherlands Border”

“Three-Country Point” is located on Vaalserberg (“Mount Vaals”). Vaals is a city on southeastern part of the Netherlands and only 5 km (3.1 mi) west of the city center of Aachen. The normal city buses of Aachen running every couple of minutes to Vaals. You need to get off the bus near borders of Germany and the Netherlands and walk until you reach Vaalserberg. One of the interesting parts of this journey is when you walk through borders on foot. The position where these two countries are separated is interesting to see. There is just a line along with an empty security home. On either side of this line, cars, houses, shops etc. exist. In a way that some belongs to Germany and some belong to Netherlands.

symbolic circle

Symbolic circle for the place where border of Germany-Belgium-Netherlands comes together.

You should walk for couple of minutes to the highest point of Vaalserberg to visit each of these countries from there. There is a tower offering a grand panorama of the surrounding landscape there. You can go to the roof of this tower, which is 300 higher, and have a great view of all these three country at a same time. Additionally, there is a symbolic circle where three flags of these countries hanged and people do photography with them. That is a unique experience to be in three different countries and a specific point of time.


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    Dear Peyman,
    your article is reall interesting!
    Keep writing the nice stories…


    Comment by Imran created 19/02/2014 - 11:52

    Thanks for the info!
    Btw, I couldn’t help but wonder whether your fellow uni mate, Mr.Manish Kumar Sinha had burrowed some of your notes here:

    Comment by Lisa created 20/03/2016 - 15:17


    I just recently visited this point while staying in Aachen. It was great! Now that I am home I am still wondering about something though, as I look at my little statue I bought there. Do you know what the 10 32 stands for on the point in the middle of the circle? I have done a lot of internet searching and have not been able to find it. It does not appear to be the geographic coordinates so now I am left wondering. I thought maybe since you stayed in Aachen for some time you might have that information.


    Comment by Shelbi created 03/10/2017 - 18:17

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