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After a long stressful week with all exams and preparing for my next lab course, I took a week off to recover myself by eating foods I never tried before. And I would say that Berlin is perfect place for everyone who enjoys eating and wants to try something new and so do I.

When a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join a little food trip, a spontaneous one. I couldn’t never say no when it came to foods. The first one I got to try was Burrito.

The second one might not sound so exciting but something about this just made me thinking about old days. I went to a burger kiosk called “Schiller Burger”. Everyone who is familiar with German Literature will sure recognize. Friedrich Schiller was a German writer and he was my favorite one. I do like Goethe too but I think his woks are somehow hard to understand, at least in my opinion.

My favorite German plays was “Intrigue and Love” (Kabale und Liebe), one of Schiller’s works. It was the first and only one I kept reading and ended it in 3 days (well, my German skills weren’t that much good at that time). Now, back to the burger. The part that impressed me was that all menus were name after Schiller’s works. For example, Kabale und Liebe was French fries. 

And the last one of this little food trip was Korean food that I mentioned in the last entry. The place was great but a bit annoying at the same time because the place was full with people and it was hard to find a seat. Anyway, the foods were tasty and it was worth it for me.

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