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My summer school programme is nearing its conclusion. Based on my experience I would like to share some travel tips with future summer schoolers to simplify their local travel.

These tips are specific to the theme of travelling

1.To be able to make the best out of it you should book the tickets of wherever you plan to go beforehand or atleast make sure what type of ticket you want to buy that suits your requirements best with the help of internet.

Types of trains in Germany
IRE– Interregio Express (connects regions with each other and it stops at selected stations)
RE– regional express (connects rural areas to long distance and S-Bahn networks)
RB – operates between all stations and are backbone of DB’ regional and local transport.

Four different-interconnected systems
U-Bahn – underground trains (cover the city centres)
S-Bahn – suburban express train
runs above the ground and includes the outskirts
Straßenbahn– tramlines

Types of tickets

1. Day ticket for Germany
With this ticket you can travel whole day long across Germany on regional and local trains.

Valid for an unlimited number of journeys on a single day.
Duration of the validity : Mon- Fri (09.00- 03.00, on public holidays from 00.00 onwards valid for an entire day.

Approx cost for a single person – 44€
In a group which can range from 2 to 5 people the cost of the ticket gets cheaper as each passenger pays 8€ more.
That means if there are 2 people the cost of the ticket would be- 52€
3 people – 60€
4 people- 68€
5 people- 76€

Means of transport that can be accessed –
regional trains(RB, IRE , RE) and rapid transit trains ( S-Bahns) operated by DB and cooperative railway undertakings.

2. Regional day tickets
Allows you and upto 4 fellow passengers to travel within a federal state on regional and local trains.

Valid – for an unlimited number of journeys on a single day.
Mon-Fri (09.00 – 03.00), on weekends and public holidays the ticket is valid from midnight.

Means of transport that can be accessed that can be acccessed with this ticket- regional trains (RB, IRE, RE)
& rapid transit trains (S-Bahns) operated by DM and other cooperating railway undertakings.

Cost- it varies from state to state
Like for Baden Würtemberg it costs 23€ for one person and with each new fellow passenger the total cost of the ticket increases by 5€
(max five passengers can use this ticket).
For Bavaria it starts from 25€ and increases by 6€ with each new fellow passenger.
In North-Rhine Westphalia there is Schöner-Tag ticket which costs 30€ for a single person and 44€ for two or more people(max 5 people).
The exact cost of the ticket for each state can be checked here-

3. Ticket for the weekend
It allows you to travel for the whole day across Germany and to selected destinations in neighbouring countries.

Validity- Sat/Sun (0.00 until 03.00 on the following day)

Means of transport that can be accessed- It can be used on regional trains (RB, IRE, RE) and S-Bahn services operated by DBAG and other cooperating railway undertakings.

Cost- 40€ and with each new passenger 5€ get added (max 5 passengers can travel on a single ticket).

– All these tickets can be bought online or at the station by using DB ticket machine.
– WARNING- For booking the train tickets or buying it at the station first and last name of all the passengers are required and it’s not possible to change the names after you have bought the ticket.
(Tickets sold at DB sales offices are sold at a surcharge of 2€ for the provided customer service.)

Public Transport buses- are the best option
when you want to go near by in the city. You can just hop on the bus from the front door and buy the ticket from the driver. And at most of the bus stops you have a digital board which shows which bus will be coming at what time.

FlixBus – can be very helpful when you want to travel from one city to any other city in entire Germany. But the tickets can only be booked online and as early you buy it’s that cheaper.

2. Orientation in the city

Means of transport

  • Timings of bus or train

    Schedule of bus or train

Google maps makes navigation easy for places, routes and modes of transportation to use.

Google maps app always comes handy whenever you are travelling somewhere for the first time. You can find the way to all the places you want to go to. In addition to this you can also use it find how you can reach your destination and it even tells you which bus to board or which train to take and the entire time table of the respective bus can be accessed too. Hence you can plan your travelling according to the time of the bus, as in Germany the buses are almost on time and sometimes before time but then they stay at the respective bus stop till it’s their time to go.

3. Weather forecast

Hourly weather report

It’s recommended that you check the weather before stepping out and dress accordingly.You can use any of the android apps for weather forecast in Germany,which has an hourly weather report . For your convince the links to two of them are given here below-

4. Food–  To fill your empty belly or to try new cuisine, following apps can come handy to find reviews on nearby restaurants -FourSquare, Yelp , HappyCow.

And you are ready to go.

Bon Voyage!

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