Getting into German University: expectations VS reality.

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For a long time, I have been afraid even to admit it, but the first time I applied to German universities, … I failed.

Until quite recently, I had a feeling that I simply had lost my time. Almost 1 year of preparation and applications went down the drain: it was one refusal after another. «We regret to inform you…» from Bremen, from Freiburg, from Konstanz.

I remember the moment when I received the last refusal: I was with my friend who was applying for German Student visa: she was accepted to one of the German Universities. Such situations undermine your self-confidence and make you doubt in your abilities. However, the worst was that I had no idea what to do further, because failures were not the part of my well-planned life-map.

During July 2017, I had to decide what I would do next. I took a decision to apply for Master programs in Moscow and to find a job. Thus, I spent 2 months of that summer preparing intensively for the entrance examinations and going for job interviews in Moscow.

Therefore, life decreed otherwise and I was destined to stay for another year in Moscow. I was working full day, and afterward I went to the university (19:00-22:00). Every night coming back home, all I dreamed about was a bed and a good sleep. I felt exhausted all year, every day.

I also remember the moment when I decided to break that seemingly endless circle: I was visiting my friend in another city, and we were walking along the river, when the thought flashed through my mind. I decided to challenge myself, to overcome my fears and to try to apply to German universities one more time.

I continued living my normal life, secretly applying to German universities. Sometimes I had to devote my whole weekends to writing motivational letters or spend my monthly salary on documents` delivery services, but in the end, it was all paid off in spades: I finally managed to matriculate to two German universities.

Do I regret about that one extra, unplanned year in Russia? Looking back, I am very thankful that I was «forced» to stay and «regain consciousness». I learnt that you should never stop dreaming, but you should always have «plan B». In addition, thanks to this «unplanned» year in Russia, I am already holding one Master degree and I did first steps in creating my working profile.

So, never give up trying! The expression says, «To find the right path you first need to get lost».

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