Glühwein…Ich vermisse dich

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It has been a long while since my last blog. Ahh the stresses of college…but finals week is over and the lovely weather has brought my memories of German Winter flooding back 🙂

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to Germany most often during some international holiday or season (winter, new years, easter, summer…). Winter is by far my favorite season, not only state side but definitely in Germany as well. The small village of Behlitz (near Leipzig) that I am most familiar with always looked especially beautiful covered with a nice layer of snow.

I traveled to Germany for my Christmas break when I was still in high school. I love snow, its the best part of Winter for me because that’s when all the adventures take place. Sadly this particular Winter Germany decided to ditch the snow covered beautifulness and go for only a high wind-chill factor. Miraculously…for one day…it SNOWED. I believe I visited for 2-3 weeks and I only got 1 day of snow. I was there for Xmas and New Years, but still only one day of snow.

Ok ok ok…so 1 day of snow we get it. What did I do?
I made a snowman over 6 feet tall! It snowed so hard and so much that each large sphere for my snowman was larger than my body (imagine those rubber exercise balls)…HUGE. I just remember jumping around the village and just being way too overjoyed to contain myself. When I discovered the first hints of snowflakes I jumped into the nearest long johns and ran outside (haha no they were not mine). My German family chalked it up to me being from America and the oddness of just being me…haha they were right.

After my wonderful snowman adventure…what did I do?
The German Christmas markets. Ahh if you are ever in Germany around Christmas visit them! They are usually in the center of town and small lil wooden huts are put up and lights everywhere. Inside some of the lil huts you will smell the most yummy smell! Its the delicious Glühwein…Christmas wonderful wine. Idk what’s in it, pretty sure the northpole in a cup, but its the thing I miss the most about German Christmas. I had to grow accustomed to the taste, but after traveling to Germany so much my liquor tolerance definitely increased and wine was on my good taste pallet.  It has cinnamon and fruits and I’m pretty sure it smells like Christmas…ahh German engineering.
Yes the wine is good but so are all the fun lil things that happen during Xmas. The gifts in the shoes (yes presents arrive in your shoes) and the Xmas church service (this was before I knew German so going to church was an awwww moment) and of course decorating the Xmas tree. I liked this in  Germany because the lil wooden ornaments from that special village in Germany adorned the German family’s Christmas tree. The trees look slightly different then our bright green huge pines, and made me really appreciate the little differences.

Well this was just a random memory blog of my experiences in German Winter Wonderland, but Germany truly is beautiful during Christmas time. I can’t wait to experience it again 🙂

Happy Holidays 🙂

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