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As the years go by

Around this time of the year as it is coming to an end. I feel it is the right time to look back on all the experiences of the past years and so to set new goals for the following one. In my list of accomplishments, there is one point that still looks unreal. I have been living and studying in Germany for four years now.

If you look at it from the point of view that there are people who have been living here for many, many years, it seems like a very short period. But to me, it is a lot of time, because I already see Germany as a second home. Not just because of the welcome of the people I have met along the way but also because of all the places and experiences I have been able to gather and get to know.

My first years

I remember my first year here studying the language. And I remember the fear I felt thinking that I was not going to make it. I thought I was so far from learning the language and speaking it without being afraid. That I was worried about might have to go back home without fulfilling my dream of studying at a university in Germany. But the nine months of intensive German classes and being able to speak it every day in the street. As well as the friends I made and the adventures I lived with them my first year, gave me the confidence to go ahead and not give up.

title "frohe Weihnachten"

About mastering the language

I learned that mastering a language is not only about studying but also about practicing and accepting that the most important thing: 

is not to speak it perfectly but to be understood.

Learning this helped me in my second year to deal with the panic that I had when I wrote the Aufnahmeprüfung (admission exam) to enter in a Studienkolleg. I remember I was scared when I received the first letter and didn’t get in, but I decided to take a second test. I never imagined the amazing year that was expecting me when I got the answer and, I was accepted this time.

The second year was full of new friendships, the closeness to achieving my goal of studying at a German university, the new unique cities in Germany I got to visit, and all of the new knowledge about other customs and cultures. This year is my favorite to remember because I also wrote FSP (Feststellungsprüfung) and passed with a good grade. So that I finally got an acceptance letter for the university.

The third year was a bit difficult. Because even though I had achieved my goal of enrolling in a German university, moving to a new city and the beginning of the pandemic made it hard for me to adjust to my new environment. But with the days passing by, I learned to enjoy my new city, meet new people, and make this my new home.  

The insecurity of whether I will graduate or I won’t was a constant worry. Because even though I already had come so far, I was still afraid of making mistakes. Not only because of the language but in general.

About this year

This fourth year has been a little easier because it is no longer so far away to look at the possibility of graduating. I also feel happy studying something I like in the country I have always dreamed of. But even though I have been living here already for four years, I still get excited when I visit new places, when I have new experiences with friends and when I get to know new people.

This blog is not only to tell you about my story but for you to dare to dream in this coming year. Sometimes it all seems so difficult and so far away, but if you can dream it, you can accomplish it. Never lose hope and be patient. For those of you who are trying to enter a university, learning a new language, or just thinking about it, do it. Just try not to doubt yourself, be confident, and know that learning a culture and a new language takes time, so be patient with yourself. And never stop dreaming. I hope you had an amazing 2021 and have an amazing 2022.

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