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Fact Sheet

First name: Dima
Country of origin: Belarus
Year of birth: 1999
Field of study: Marketing, Business Administration, Media Informatics
German university: Hochschule Mittweida 
University location: Mittweida
Type of stay: Master
I have been writing for the blog since: November 2021
My hobbies and interests: Video Games, Board Games, Digital Art, Modelling, Books, Movies

About Dima

My name is Dzmitry, or simply Dima. I was born and grew up in Minsk, Belarus. I studied at the university in Minsk for 3 years at the faculty of marketing, and in 2019 I moved to Mittweida, Germany.

Within two years, I received two bachelor’s degrees – in Belarus and Germany. And then I thought: what do I want to do next? I was faced with two options: to start a professional career or to enroll in a master’s degree.

But I decided to change everything radically, because Germany is a real country of opportunities. I decided to study what I really like – game development. Well, this will be my third bachelor’s degree

Our lives are unpredictable and no one knows where we will be even a year from now.

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Zittau Salt House © KuWeit Culture and Further Education Society Ltd.
Zittau Salt House© KuWeit Culture and Further Education Society Ltd.
Eastern Germany+3
Eastern Germany+3


#TriBorderCorner #ZittauMountains #EuropeanTownOfSports

The Mittweida Media Centre © Horschig/DAAD
The Mittweida Media Centre© Horschig/DAAD
Eastern Germany+3
Eastern Germany+3


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Water feature
Water feature© Janine Funke


#EconomicRegionCentralGermany #HistoricSights #CityForCarLovers

View of the main building of the Technical University in Chemnitz. © TU Chemnitz
TU Chemnitz© TU Chemnitz
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Cheap living+12


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Unitower © Brüggemann/DAAD
Leipzig Unitower© Brüggemann/DAAD
Eastern Germany+3
Eastern Germany+3


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Skyline with the Frauenkirche © Horschig/DAAD
Skyline with the Frauenkirche© Horschig/DAAD
Cheap living+15
Cheap living+15


#FlorenceOfTheElbe #LandCapitalSaxony #Frauenkirche

Freiberg market © Noack/DAAD
Freiberg market© Noack/DAAD
Eastern Germany+3
Eastern Germany+3


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