Testimonial Douaa from Syria in front of yellow background
Douaa from Syria© DAAD/Henning Ross

Fact Sheet

First name: Douaa
Country of origin: Syria
Year of birth: 1996
Field of study: human medicine 
German university: University of Lübeck 
University location: Lübeck
Type of stay: Study in medicine 
I have been writing for the blog since: July 2022
My hobbies and interests: Jogging, Swimming, Biking, Learning other languages, showing movies

About Douaa

Hello everybody! My name is Douaa but recently my family and friends call me Doui. Since the end of 2015 I have been living in Germany. When I arrived I felt like I belonged here so I began from the first day to learn German. I always enjoyed learning it and I wanted to explore German culture and society as quickly as possible. In Syria I did my school graduation and after I came here my goal was to make my dreams come true. So while I was learning German I did two internships in a nursing service and a pharmacy, because of that I got the idea to do a dual training professional in a pharmacy in Mecklenburg Vorpommern for three years so I thereby improved my language for my study and become more confident in interaction with people, because I was shy before. After two and a half years I finished my training and I began to search for a university. I also did the test for Academic Studies because some universities require it. Afterwards I did a preparation semester and a propädeutic at the University of Lübeck. It was very successful and helpful to refresh my school knowledge. Now I am studying human medicine in the second semester and I have fun doing it. In my free time I meet my friends or do my hobbies.  

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The photo shows a clipboard, a teddy bear and a blood pressure monitor.
Instead of a person a teddy bear to measure the blood pressure, a blood glucose meter and some healthy food for good health.© Douaa
Testimonial Douaa from Syria in front of yellow background
Blog post written by Douaa

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