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How I celebrate Christmas at home in the south of Italy

Everyone has their own idea of how to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Despite occasional limitations, we always manage to make them special and spend them with the people we love. Here is how I celebrate Christmas and what to keep in mind during this period.

The first Christmas away 2021

As an international student, I knew that moving to another country would mean seeing my family much less than usual, but we know that this comes with the student package. We do, however, have the opportunity to connect with our family from afar via video or voice calls.

Last year, however, these calls were my Christmas. For security reasons related to covid waves, I stayed in Germany and celebrated Christmas away from my family for the first time. It was strange, but I knew I would spend it well and somehow with my family anyway.

Do not despair if you, for whatever reason, find yourself in the same situation as me last year. Don’t be afraid to organise an alternative Christmas with friends and make Christmas video calls. There are always people in the same situation as you, so don’t be shy.

Christmas 2022, Between tradition and more

My family and I have always celebrated in the same way. We have never wanted to follow precise rules on how Christmas should be spent. Usually, we prepare a menu for dinner on the 24th evening and lunch on the 25th. We write everything down so that everyone has their favourite dishes. Then we prepare the dishes together.

On the evening of the 24th, after dinner, we watch a Christmas movie, trying to find something we haven’t seen for the 100th time. The next day we open presents, although for 24 years I have been trying to convince my family to open them on the night of the 24th because, well, I am curious; but I have not yet succeeded in convincing them.

Lunch on the 25th is just as important as dinner on the 24th, and usually, the course that is never missing is Mum’s one and only Lasagna, Dad’s appetisers and my sister’s bonus, who always invents something good to add.

To Our Taste

As you can see, my idea of Christmas may seem simple compared to that of others. Everyone has their own family traditions and all of them are fine. Christmas is about spending a good time with the people you love, even outside your own family.

I wish you all the best for spending the holidays with the people you love and, of course, among good food and Christmas decorations.

What is your favourite Christmas dish?


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