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Street in Kehl with houses
Street in Kehl with houses© Rumeng Open fig caption

Kehl is a town in southwestern Germany situated in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is a 20 minute journey by train from Offenburg, and by bus it could take up to 50 minutes or an hour. But nevertheless, I chose to travel by bus because I could see more out the window and also German trains confuse me😳(but I probably just need more practice with them).

The Kehl City Center was very different to Offenburg’s. The architecture was lovely and I really liked the way buildings and streets flowed around each other. The houses and buildings were all very colourful – full of green, orange, red and yellow – everywhere you turn is vibrant and pretty.

Because I did not have more than a few hours, I stuck to exploring the city center only. But Kehl is a town located on the river Rhine, directly opposite the French city of Strasbourg, and the two cities are connected by the Pont de l’Europe bridge which can be crossed on foot to enter Strasbourg. That is something I definitely want to see and cross, so I’ll be back for that soon😀😀😀

Front of houses
Front of houses© Rumeng Open fig caption



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wonderful, nice. Thank You

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der Post gibt alles Informationen und Fakten, Erstelle sie weiter.

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Danke Schön :)

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