Matheus from Brazil
Matheus from Brazil© private

Fact Sheet

First name: Matheus 
Country of origin: Brazil
Year of birth: 1993
Field of study: Arts
German university: Bauhaus Universität Weimar
University location: Weimar
Type of stay: Improve my network and send message of hope to all my Latinamerican fellows who wish to study abroad
I have been writing for the blog since: Winter Semester 2018/19
My hobbies and interests: Arts, Fashion and Dancing. Games and Sports. Countryside and Latin-American culture

About Matheus

I am an artist guy from the very countryside of Brazil. I have always been curious about arts and artistic processes every since I was a child. I didn’t use to have many opportunities to grow in life when I was younger due to my origins, however, my creativity and curiosity have taken me to unimaginable places like here, Weimar, Germany. I have a major in Contemporary Art Practice and I love using Art to reflect upon the world and my life. I am now realizing a dream which is studying at Bauhaus and filling my family’s, friends’ and country’s hearts with pride.

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Ilmenau city center © Wendel/DAAD
Ilmenau city center© Wendel/DAAD
Central Germany+4
Central Germany+4


#AffordableStudyLocation #CozySmallTown #ThuringianForest

Goethe-Schiller-Denkmal © Brüggemann/DAAD
Goethe-Schiller-Denkmal© Brüggemann/DAAD
Eastern Germany+3
Eastern Germany+3


#JohannWolfgangVonGoethe #FriedrichSchiller #Bauhaus

"Wenige" market © Graff/DAAD
"Wenige" market© Graff/DAAD
Cities of culture+13
Cities of culture+13


#GreenCentreGermany #HistoricCityCentre #ErfurtDome

The Old Market Square in the city centre was built in the 12th century. © Sophie Nagel
The Old Market Square in the city centre was built in the 12th century.© Sophie Nagel
Central Germany+3
Central Germany+3


#Thuringia #Half-timbered #ThuringianForest

Panorama © DAAD
Jena Panorama© DAAD


#SchillerAndGoethe #CulturalStronghold #ParadisePark