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Motorhoming in Germany

A few months ago I decided to fulfill one of my dreams and travel with a Motorhouse. The trip lasted 5 days and was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had since arriving in Germany, it was just the most flexible trip I've ever had. It was amazing to have a mini house with me, where nothing was missing, but at the same time it involved a lot of responsibility and planning. Here I want to tell you a little bit about my experience and some tips that might help you if you are also planning to travel with a camper van in Germany or within Europe.

Home is when you park it!


Inside of a camping van
Inside of a camping van© Nathaly

My Camper Van

  • Check your Motorhouse type or Camper Van size:
    First it is very important to get informed before renting a vehicle, especially because the rules change depending on the country. You may also need a different driver’s license depending on the size of the vehicle. Or in some countries you need to pay some extra fee to drive the vehicle if you have a plate from a different country.
    Web site:
  • Inform yourself properly about your Vehicle:
    Each camper van is different and some have batteries for lights, or water tanks if they have bathrooms or a kitchen. Find out about that, they usually have a mini manual on how they are equipped and how to be used properly. Always make sure you have tools for the car, that car insurance is in place and that you know which number to call in case of a situation.
  • Kitchen supplies:
    Almost all vehicles have a gas stove, which makes it easy to cook. Some even have a mini fridge to store food. When buying things for the trip, do not complicate yourself planing luxus dinners, it’s better make a list of „essential“ things that can work flexibly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And don’t forget the kitchen utensils you might need to cook. Here some examples of things you may need.
Highway landscape with mountains behind
Highway landscape with mountains behaind© Nathaly


  • The cleaning supplies:
    It is also important to think about cleaning, not only the outside of the van, but also the interior. especially in the cleaning utensils that you are going to use during your stay in the camp or the place you plan to go to. Choose products that you can reuse many times. At the same time, keeping order in your camper van will make the experience more comfortable and it will be much easier for you to move inside the vehicle, since the space is quite small.
  • Where to park?
    Traveling with a Motorhouse or a Camper van gives you a very flexible choice for your holidays. Depending on the country, you need to know where you’re allowed to drive and park your car, because every street and area of the city has different rules. So to avoid problems, it’s better to know where you want to go, before you hit the road.  There’s even a book which lists many of “Stellplatz” where you can park your vehicle, called “Stellplatz guide book”.  There also some apps such as “park4night” and “searchforsites”.

List of Essentials

Food Utensils

  • Plates and Pots
  • Cups and Glasses
  • cutlery for eating
  • Napkins or kitchen towels
  • Frying pan
  • Coffee maker or  kettle.

Practical Food 

  • Pasta/ Rice
  • Canned Food (Tuna, Soup)
  • Creams or Sauces (Pesto, Red Sauce)
  • Eggs
  • Milk 
  • Condiments: Salt and Pepper
  • Oil (Olive-, Coconut Oil)
  • Cereals 
  • Water/ Juices
  • Snacks (Chips, Nuts etc.), Kitchen Utensils (Pan, Kitchenknife etc.)

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