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Quarantine Life

Hallo zusammen!

I know that we are all living through a difficult period now – “you-know-what” made us all stay at home. But let`s consider this quarantine and self-isolation as an opportunity for self-development and restart.

Let's consider this quarantine and self-isolation as an opportunity for self-development and restart.


  1. Teach yourself a foreign language. Learn new words in such apps as Memrise,  immortal Duolingo and Drops (my favorite one!) and them practice with native speakers in HelloTalk app.
  2. Read a book. We all know that in hustle and bustle of normal life we rarely find even an hour to read a book. Time to change it! Choose something from your home library, download or oder online (fortunately, delivery services are still there for us). My personal resommendations for #quarantinereading are Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante and Harry Potter by Joanne Rowling. Small tip: both of them have been filmed, so you are able to extend your joy with wathcing them.
  3. Write actual letters to family and friends. With the appearance of Internet and smartphones, we have almost forgotten how it is to send and receive REAL PAPER letters and postcards. Time to remember the smell and spirit of old-school communication.
  4. Learn how to cook. The Internet is  full of various recipes. Just find something unusual from any of world cuisines (Italian? Mexican? Chinese? Maybe Mongolian?) and enjoy your gastronomical journey 
  5. I don’t want to be boring but… Move! Especially of you followed the previous advice and tried out tortillas with guakamole or delicious pasta Bolognese  Do not force yourself to do monotonous push-ups or pull-ups (still effective though). Instead, find activity that you will really enjoy – zumba, stretching, yoga, etc. 45 minutes and you are ready for the next culinary adventure 
  6. Hang-out with your long-distance friends. Use Skype to have a virtual dinner together.
  7. Call you parents and grandparents. Just devote couple of minutes to talk with them and to show that you care. We all need it now.
  8. Visit museums, exhibitions and theatres online for free. Future is here! Always dreamed of watching Swan Lake in Bolshoi Theater in Moscow or Vienna Opera? Couple of clicks and you are a front-raw viewer of the world`s best concert halls. Wear fancy clothes to complete the image 
  9. Reflect. Time to inhale and think about the things you achieved last year and about the goals you want to achieve in the future.

Take care and #stayhome.

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Hi, I find reading this article a joy. It is extremely helpful and interesting.

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You are sharing the best blog for quarantine.

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As more and more people face the possibility of spending weeks or even months alone or in a limited social group, maintaining mental health can be a challenge even on the best days. More than ever, you need to focus on improving mental health, because anxiety, PTSD and depression may be the result of these unprecedented conditions.

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Hey guys, I have a started a blog called "The quarantine blog". Do give it a read here to find some interesting articles and don't forget to subscribe.[beam]

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