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Time’s up!

I write to all of you out there who are probably wondering how the accommodation process and the beginning of a new life looks like. Therefore I am here to provide you with an insight of my life. How come?

Hello @germanizers!

I am about to undertake a journey in the upcoming days and namely for the upcoming three years in Mainz, Germany. Today, one day before my flight to Germany, I am soaked in nervousness, yet feeling excited about the fact that I will finally study what I wanted to and not what the educational system in my home country had to offer. I am now packing every single item of mine in my baggage, cleaning a pile of dirty clothes and making sure the big brown boots look tidy and new. 

Here’s my agenda for tomorrow:

I- Brush my teeth and pack the toilet bag.

II- Wait probably half an hour until my dad is ready to drive us to the Airport (Yes, my mom is coming too!).

III- Check-in in the airline’s counter.

IV- Say goodbye to remaining family members.

V- Enjoy the airport’s atmosphere and the whole trip! (The flight lasts two hours but let’s hyperbolise)


Wish me good luck!



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