Information about the Coronavirus

We know that the Coronavirus is on your mind these days, as well as it is on ours. We have summarised the most important facts for you.

Current Developments

For the latest updates on how the situation in Germany is affected by the Coronavirus, please visit the website of the .

On the website of the  you can find daily updated information and recommendations on handling the Coronavirus. It also includes information regarding the protection from infection and tips for domestic quarantine. 

Currently the following rules apply in Germany:

  • Wearing a medical masks is compulsory in shops, public buildings and on public transport!
  • Current contact restrictions: These vary from each city or region to the next according to the number of new infections within a certain period of time in the city/region.

  • Many shops, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, etc. are slowely reopening again.

The regulations can differ from one region to the next, so it is always a good idea to check what current regulations apply in your region. You’ll find links to information about your region on the .

You will find answers to frequently asked questions about the current situation in Germany on the website of the .


Do you already study in Germany? 

Daily student routine? By now it has changed so much that online courses are held by almost all higher education institutions. Some have introduced a combination of online and face-to-face teaching since the winter semester 2020/2021. So the situation may vary for each higher education institution.

Do you have questions about the current situation at your higher education institution? Our recommendation is to directly contact the  of your university. The staff there will be happy to help you!

If you would like to know how our Study in Germany – bloggers are experiencing the situation at the moment and how they deal with online classes, have a look at their  and read some tips on how to manage the situation best.


Are you unsure how to keep financing your life in Germany? 

Emergency funds for students due to corona crisis will be offered by the  (students services) in Germany (financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).


Are you a scholarship holder? 

If you are a scholarship holder, please contact your funding institution directly and ask what the possibilities are for you to continue your scholarship or to start your scholarship. Many scholarship organisations are offering flexible solutions. Here you can find all information about .  


Are you in Germany with the ERASMUS Programme? 

The European Commission has decided that you can cancel your Erasmus stay and return to your home country. We would advise you to contact your home university directly.  you can find more information.


Are you planning to study in Germany? 

Many higher education institutions are planning to return to on-site lectures or a mix of online and on-site lectures in the upcomming winter semester 2021/22. As the situation might change quickly and be totally different in each region there will probably be no standard procedure. Always make sure to check with your higher education institution.

Please take care of your visa application at a very early stage, as the visa sections of the German missions offer sometimes only a few dates for the application and therefore delays may occur.

Right now, restrictions for entry into Germany from many countries apply. Persons entering must complete a digital entry registration. Depending on the place of departure, they also have to provide a negative test result or proof of immunity, and comply with quarantine regulations. Make sure to check out regulations for the specific region in Germany and your place of departure. On the  you’ll find further and more detailed information.

We will inform you as soon as we have further news.


Are you planning to attend a language course or short course in Germany? 

Many higher education institutions had to cancel or postpone their language and short courses because of to the Coronavirus.

Due to frequent changes at the higher education institutions, the DAAD does not provide a list of all cancelled language courses and short courses. We suggest you visit the institutions‘ websites for up-to-date information on their courses.